Words are my weapon, my sanctuary, my passport into realms that only exist in the imagination...

I can't imagine my life without words. Without prose and poetry, without a way to express myself, without a way to imagine a world beyond the tangible one--one where dragons fly, where magic lights the path, and where love everlasting can overcome any obstacle.

It's my whole reason for writing--creating.

Welcome to my page! My command center, as it were, for all those words--my books. I'm an author, if that much wasn't immediately obvious upon stumbling here :D. My favorite genre to write in is romance; usually romance that deals with vampires or a modern fantasy-esque setting. Urban fantasy. But I also write YA steampunk.

If you feel like sticking around for a spell, fee free to check out my published works and were to buy them. And if you want to keep up with what's going on with myself--and my muse--please like my Facebook page (linked below).