Kit Roe was born in Tampa, Florida in the mid 80s. She spent most of her life growing up in either Tampa, Clearwater, or northern Pasco County. But, there were moments of her youth where she lived in Georgia--her current home state, Texas, and Louisiana.

She had always had a love for books. In elementary school when the reading textbook was assigned, the first thing she did when she took it home was read every story she found interesting. When fiction novels were assigned, she always read ahead of her classmates. Bedtime stories were a favorite, but she most enjoyed quietly reading by herself.

When she hit middle school and high school she stumbled upon romance novels. She'd been lucky that her father had relocated so she was within walking distance of a local library, and, she took full advantage. Books were consumed in days, sometime three or less.

Eventually, she dabbled in fanfiction and writing her own short stories. Many of her days were either spent reading, or, writing her own work.

When she started college she decided to take a creative writing class. From there, a passion for creating novels of her own blossomed, and, when self-publishing finally became possible for millions of writers everywhere, she took the plunge.

She hasn't looked back since.